Class Descriptions

Yoga Basics (beginners)

This class is suitable for all who are new to yoga or who would like to restart a yoga practice. I teach the basic postures and breathing techniques and where required we use props such as blocks, belts and yoga chairs. In this class you will acquire a good understanding of what “Hatha” yoga is. This word refers to all the physical kinds of yoga that we practice in the West.

Candlelight Yoga (all levels)

After a hard day’s work this is a lovely, atmospheric class to come to. The candles lit throughout the studio invite you to relax mentally and put your day in the background. After a limbering warm-up we flow through some sun salutations to increase the blood flow and warm up the joints. We then move through asanas that correspond to the theme of the class and always finish with a soothing cool down and long savasana section. Once you leave the studio you are ready to enjoy the serenity of the rest of your evening!

Deep Hatha Flow (advanced)

This class is for those practitioners who have had a regular yoga practice for at least 2 years or been to many of my other classes and are ready to practice at an advanced level. In this class there is more in-depth referral to the philosophy of yoga as well as to some of the subtle detailed alignment and breath work. The word “advanced” doesn’t necessarily only refer to the more difficult poses but rather to the quality with which we practice. In other words in this class I will be guiding you to deeper and subtler levels that would not be accessible to a beginner. Of course at this stage your physical body is stronger and more resilient and you will be challenged with some of the more difficult poses such as inversions and arm balances.

Hatha Flow (all levels)

These classes are geared for practitioners of all levels. I teach alternatives and modifications of poses so that there is something for everyone to be working on. For example one practitioner might be asked to practice a 5 minute headstand while another will be learning how to move into a headstand against the wall. In these classes there is room for everyone!

Yin Yoga (all levels)

This class is geared to winding you down for the weekend! It is a wonderful way to end your week as it is all about letting go. In stark contrast to all the other classes there are no instructions on alignment of the body and all (most) of the positions are carried out lying down on the mat. The positions are held for a relatively long time (2 – 5 minutes) and because of this they have an effect on the connective tissues of the body (fascia, tendons, ligaments) and therefore improve the circulation of Qi (subtle energy running through the meridians of the body) and blood in the joints and improve flexibility and nourish the organs. This class is a definite must if you have had a stressful week!

Yoga for the over 60’s

These days as we grow older it is necessary that we maintain our fitness as well as keep up our flexibility of body and mind. As the body ages we face many challenges: loss of bone density, stiffness, hardening of the arteries, hormonal fluctuations, mild depression …. a regular yoga practice with like-minded people can help combat all of this and keep up our enthusiasm for life as we realise that getting older doesn’t necessarily mean having less fun and joy in life! We use the help of chairs, blocks and belts where appropriate.